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Jul 2021

Team Roles in Action


María Jesús Pareja

We have trained the BELBIN Team Roles Methodology with the Technical Team Leaders of VAILLANT Group, within a formative action of “Leadership: Team Management and Direction“, which is part of a two-year Development Itinerary.

Through Zoom’s Virtual Classroom, and using an online Hall Escape game by teams (“The Secrets of the Camino de Santiago”), we have observed the dynamics of “15 teams in action”.

The diversity of roles in the different teams has allowed us to see how they interact, relate, communicate, how they are oriented to the achievement of objectives/results, how they establish strategies …

Many nuances, fun and a lot of learning at individual and group level.

Each team, an identity and a unique and differentiated dynamic of operation.

The game has helped us to learn about the contributions of each of the members at an individual level and about the dynamics that have been generated in the team (climate, relationships and results) and how all this has been built with the interaction of the preferred roles of the members of each team.

After drawing conclusions about the aspects that have favored and hindered the game, the participants have received their BELBIN Individual Team Roles Report and have had the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the methodology and the contributions to the team of each of the 9 roles defined in the methodology. 


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