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Sep 2022

Virtual Reality (VR): Generating impact on skills development


María Jesús Pareja

Immersive learning platforms, implementing new methodologies such as Virtual Reality, are a reality and are part of the proposed solutions for the development of skills (power skills).

From Re-evoluciona we propose meaningful and impactful learning experiences where the participant is the protagonist in first person.

For this purpose, we have implemented an immersive platform (VR) with different scenarios that allow us to reproduce and train day-to-day situations.

Experiences in which to develop empathy and emotional intelligence, identify biases, public talking, train and develop leadership and communication skills, team work, make presentations, meetings, … because immersive environments recreate situations and emotions, boosting commitment, attention and learning retention.

According to neuroeducation experts “to learn you have to be excited” and Virtual Reality (VR) has the ability to generate emotional experiences in 360° scenarios.

Emotion and surprise, two key words to remember and fix learning.

Endless possibilities to engage participants and enhance their development.

We offer new and innovative development and training solutions through immersive and collaborative methodologies, both face-to-face and online.

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