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Jun 2020

Teamwork in “Virtual Environments”


María Jesús Pareja

Debunking beliefs

We are slave of our habits, beliefs and automatisms, for the right and wrong. And when we talk about of doing something new, different, they work against you. On the basis of our prejudices and our comparisons with what we think it is going to be an experience that we have not even give us the chance try it.

Breaking with these inertias make us explore new  possibilities and to grow as people as well as professionals. It allow us to get out of our “comfort and control zones”  and to explore outside of our limits. Those that, without being conscious, we set to ourselves and they are beingweaved.

How we will dare to explore and break those invisible barriers? If we have a safe  environment, the challenge is motivating and we are accompanied by good travelling companions, it is much easier. Or, in other words,  if  I  let myself to  risk and be  wrong,  I  want to do it and I am not alone,  we have the perfectingredients to enjoy and learn from  the experience.

And that is what we have done through a team “Online Scape room” experience. A workshop in which through an immersive story and a common goal, the team must solve challenges in a limited time, testing different skills, abilities and roles.

A simulation through a virtual environment that demands to focus and train certain communication and relational skills that, nowadays, are key to our day by day, individually as well as in teamwork. 

Because the virtual environments have come to add new collaborative and communicative tools and new ways of working.

We need to train ourselves in the most proper skills, behaviors and attitudes for each channel, and for that, experiential activities like this Workshop, provide that safe environment, reliable and challenging, in which we can grant ourselves to surprise, risk, trust and break barriers.

In conclusion, we allow ourselves to discover, share, cooperate, and learn from others and withothers.



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