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Jun 2020

Training Skills in a Virtual Classroom


María Jesús Pareja

We want to share a recent experience in the design and teaching of a “Self-knowledge and Communication Skills Development” program in the Virtual Classroom modality.

We have gone hand in hand with one of our clients, with mutual trust in human and technical resources to deal with the project and to take on the challenge to adapt ourselves to new ways of communication and learning.

A chance of shared learning and growth, amid a scene that requires new approaches and answers, with one conviction: the need to adapt ourselves, move forward and do not stop us.

To bet for being change facilitators in a moment that our collaborators and teams need, more than ever, to feel supported and prepared for self-managing and manage.

A challenge that we have faced with the participants from the excitement, collaboration and involvement that have made possible the “magic” of the feeling of being part of something bigger than ourselves: a diverse and committed team and business.

We are satisfied and proud of the experience, the shared relationships and links, and the results achieved: 

Some of the comments from participants after the experience:

  • “… For me it has been a pleasure to participate in this course, I could not imagine that it would give me so much and I would have so much fun.”
  • “…This course has given me many new knowledges that I will implement.”
  • “…It has been a very useful training as well as fun.”
  • “…It has been a very enriching course, I think it has worked well because we all were able to see our strengths and weaknesses with your explanations.”
  • “… Thanks for making the course to be an introspective look and rich in feelings, Dynamism and agility.”
  • “…It has been a very enriching course that we will keep working day by day.”
  • “…I liked so much the course. I learned new things and you did it very pleasant and practical. It was a great experience and I loved to meet colleagues.”


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